Going to the chapel

And by chapel I mean a park in Richmond. But I am getting married, and soon! Like, 2 months away soon. And it feels cool & weird & way too adult for me, but also a little silly because Z and I are as good as married already (so says our decade long relationship).

My wedding dress is somewhere in there

My wedding dress is somewhere in there

But I'm excited. Really, really super pumped. Sometimes I imagine it, not really the whole alter "You may now kiss the bride" scenario, but the dancing and the partying and the friends and the smooches and my heart almost can't take it. I'll be a mess, but a happy mess. How has wedding planning been? Actually, pretty easy. The hardest part so far has been picking music, and that's because Z and I require top notch booty shaking tunes. 

Actually, the truly hardest part of it all? The waiting. It's like having a giant present hidden in a closet and you have to wait until your birthday to open it. Like, the countdown before New Years but the seconds keep ticking backwards. Or like, waiting to have a huge party with all your favorite human beings on the planet but it still being two months away! I'm glad we took the year to figure it all out though, because it's taken me this whole time to piece together just half of our playlist. 

Hey Cuties

Well, I don't know what happened.

One day I'm writing, and then another day I take a little break, and then fast forward to me not even wanting to log in anymore. Once I started writing, it felt like a fun creative release, and then when people (really sweetly) would mention how movin' & groovin' my life seemed after seeing my posts, I started getting uncomfortable. Because, I don't want to be that person who just has the stories & the crafted photos of some falsely fab-all-the-time, no-cares-in-the-world, drinking-cute-lattes-everyday, kind of life. Of course I can appreciate a fantastic photo of a vacation, but y'know what I liked even more than jetsetting? Taking grainy selfies w/ my nieces & nephew wearing oversized Christmas glasses in Virginia. And y'know what I usually think when I'm out traveling? When can I be alone? Because in all honestly, the sweetest feeling after wandering a town I don't know, is sitting in my hotel bed at 9pm, Facetiming Zach so he can show me that the cat is sleeping on the couch. 

Yes, I appreciate the travel. Yes, I love it & and I know I'm lucky to have it. But I got irritated with myself that that's all I felt like I wrote about. All that I showed. When in reality I'd trade 1,000 pretty photos of the ocean for a fantastically grainy, blurry photo with my family/fiance/cat/friends.

I'm not sure what I'm going on about, but I'd like to start writing and taking photos again, because I like it. And I know initially I started this blog with much different intentions, but perhaps I'll just kick it like my old school LiveJournal days & sometimes write about my feelings & post shitty, blurry photos, because sometimes life is that way too.  

Miami (officially obsessed)

The gap of time between my previous Miami post and this one was a little larger than I intended, but at this point I think it's become obvious that a short trip to Miami was enough to bring on a full blown obsession with this place. Even going through the photos now I get a little dreamy about walking under the hot sun along the water, but I won't bother rambling on this time around. Let's just photo diary this post and let the big fluffy clouds and blue skies speak for itself.